The world's first


Insulating Concrete Form Exposition
Metro Research Centre, Delta, BC, 9th March 2017

The First Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) Exposition. Ever.

The world is now realizing the importance of thermal performance in all construction assemblies. And the ICF industry is playing a big part in increasing thermal performance of concrete walls and green roofs. For the first time in the world, an exposition focusing exclusively on ICF construction took place in Delta, Canada on the 9th of March 2017. This exposition was conceptualized, designed and implemented by Vancouver ICF (Fab-Form Industries Ltd.).

All the ICF wall manufacturers, ICF suspended floor forming systems and accessory products were displayed in the foyer of the Metro Vancouver Research Centre on Annacis Island. Nineteen world experts discussed the best way of designing, engineering and installing wall and floor systems in our buildings. The charge for the full day session, including all speakers, was $25.00 per person.

The trade show and conference was located in the Metro Vancouver Research Centre on Annacis Island which houses a large lecture hall and foyer for exhibitors. This show was designed for inspectors, engineers, architects and contractors with a desire to learn more about green concrete construction.

disruptive technology?

Are ICF walls and floor forms a disruptive shift in the concrete forming market? Will they replace plywood forms and stud walls? If you accurately predicted the level of growth of the ICF market over the next year, you'll win $1,000. The contest winner will be announced in March 2018.
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Nineteen speakers, all renown experts in their field discussed the features, benefits and challenges of forming concrete walls and floors using ICFs and other suspended slab forming systems. Learn from the experts.

Chris Mattock

Principal, HDC Ltd.

Chris Mattock has an architectural degree from the University of Washington in Seattle and 30 years’ experience in design and consulting work in Canada, China, Japan, Mongolia, Korea, Mexico and the USA.

During that period he has been involved in the design and construction of numerous green / energy efficient / net zero / zero carbon new and retrofit residential and small commercial buildings as well as working on planning projects that incorporate sustainable community design principles.

Mr. Mattock has published several books on the topics of energy efficient and “healthy buildings” as well as co-authoring the several editions of the national R-2000 training manuals. Chris has taught over 400 training seminars on green building design, building science topics, healthy buildings, energy efficient construction and sustainable community design as well as various courses at the University of British Columbia School of Architecture, the University Of Washington College of Architecture and Urban Planning and the Architectural Institute of British Columbia.

Ricki Krys

Quality Control Manager, LafargeHolcim

Ricki has worked in quality control for LafargeHolcim for 17 years, both in the lab and insitu placement.

He was one of the first members of the Lafarge to complete a complete condominium tower using SCC (self consolidating concrete).

Ricki will discuss the many innovations taking place in the "magic" world of concrete.

Brian Maver

Principal, Wicke Herfst Maver

Wicke Herfst Maver is known in the industry for innovative solutions to structural challenges.

Using his many years of construction and engineering experience, Brian is able to create innovative design solutions for complex projects such as seismic upgrades and expansions. Furthermore, he brings a wealth of knowledge in the design of large institutional and commercial projects. As a LEED Accredited Professional, Brian is also the focal point for sustainable design at Wicke Herfst Maver.

Licenses and Affiliations: P Eng BC, AB; LEED AP, BC; USGBC, Cascadia Region; Structural Engineers Association of BC

Reema Masri

Principal Architect, Masri O Architects

Reema Masri, BSc. Arch. Eng., OAA, MRAIC, is a graduate of a professional architectural engineering program with more than 25 years of experience in architecture and project management.

Equipped with multi-disciplinary knowledge, Reema is able to facilitate productive consultation and cooperation among all members of the project team while safeguarding and serving the interests and needs of the clients.

Reema's engineering background enables her to think in abstract terms and synthesize multi-disciplinary information in a manner that enhances her projects, ultimately leading to highly original solutions that are effective and optimal. Her vision for well-balanced buildings that combine design sensibility, function, cost control, utility and value, as well as social factors, feed into the application of a systems approach to project optimization and integration. Furthermore Reema has extensive experience in incorporating ICF technology into her projects.

Reema is a member of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC), and the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH).

Luke Pinkerton

President, Helix Steel Inc.

Luke Pinkerton is the inventor and entrepreneur behind the product Helix. While working towards a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Michigan in 1997, Luke worked with Professor Antoine Naaman to study a new concept for reinforcing concrete that he would eventually name Helix. The technology consisted of toothpick-sized, corkscrew-shaped steel fibers that are mixed in with concrete to improve strength and durability.

To test the material, Luke had to develop a machine that could produce Helix, one piece per second, fast enough to test the innovative technology. In 2003 Luke secured a license for Helix from U-M and began selling the product.

In 2014, Helix earned accreditation from the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials that Helix satisfied code requirements for use as an alternative to rebar and other concrete reinforcement. This accreditation marked a major milestone in advancing Helix beyond the early adopter phase.

Rick Fearn

President, Fab-Form Industries Ltd.

Rick has been designing, developing and marketing fabric forms for concrete which are now sold across North America. The recent interest in efficient and green construction has spurred sales of these products.

The Company has recently began distributing Nudura ICF forms as well as Helix Micro Rebar.

Rick will be discussing disruptive products in the construction industry and whether ICFs are a disruptive technology.

Keven Rector

Director, Technical Services, ICF Manufacturers Association

Keven Rector graduated from Ryerson Polytechnic University in Architectural Science in 1982. He has been Technical Services Manager for NUDURA Inc. since the company’s inception in 2002. Keven brings 38 years of building product support and inspection experience of which 20 years in the ICF industry, specializing in code compliance and product testing.

Keven helped produce North America’s first standard for the manufacture of Flat Wall Insulating Concrete Form Systems (ASTM E2634) and is currently the task group chair for the Insulating Concrete Form Manufacturers Association to Canada’s ULC Standards Committee on Thermal Insulation Materials and Systems (CAN/ULC S-700). This work led to Canada’s first National Manufacturing Standard for Insulating Concrete Form Units entitled CAN/ULC S717.1, adopted in Canada and the USA in 2012.

The group’s present task is advising the NRC Joint Task Group on ICF Construction  on amendments to the proposed 2020 Canadian National Building Code. 

Brian Hubbs

Principal, RDH Engineering Ltd.

With over 20 years’ experience as a consultant practicing exclusively in the field of building science, Brian is recognized by his peers as being a practical building science engineer and researcher who consistently delivers innovative solutions.

He has a unique blend of theoretical and hands-on knowledge gained from completing hundreds of building enclosure forensic investigations and rehabilitation projects as well as from design consulting and construction review of building enclosures for new buildings.

Brian has extensive experience with a variety of building enclosure systems, components, and materials including windows, glazing, glass/metal curtain walls and skylights, precast concrete, wall cladding systems of all types, water proofing and roofing systems.

Malcolm Hall

President, Lifestyle Ventures Inc.

Malcolm Hall has been in the development and construction business since 1970. Malcolm has seen many different styles and systems come and go but feels ICF is here for the long hall.

For over 10 years, Life Style Ventures has almost exclusively used ICF on their single family and multi family builds.

Ken Blosser

Home Owner who chose ICF to Roof

Ken Blosser is a former farmer/entrepreneur/business owner who, along with his wife Joyce Gwilliam, decided to build their retirement home in Gibsons, BC. After careful consideration, they chose to build from footing to roof using ICFs.
As owner/builder, Ken will share his reasons for choosing ICF, lessons learned during the build, and his wish list of resources which he believes will help make ICFs more readily embraced.

Shawn McDaniel

Cribber who switched from Plywood to ICF

Shawn McDaniel, owner, SED Construction Ltd. has been a forming contractor for 23 years. Two years ago he switched to using ICFs on all his foundations.

He will discuss the reasons why he switched and the implications of this switch to his business and to his customers.

Douglas Bennion

ICF Support for Green Roofs

Douglas graduated from Western Washington University in 1975 and since then has spent more than 30 years in concrete construction. He has been the technical manager for Insul-Deck for the last eight years.

Douglas currently chairs a collaborative research effort sponsored by 8 ICF manufacturers and the Ready-Mix Concrete Industry in support of emerging building codes in Canada and the USA. In addition he has been appointed to two national committees consulting with code officials to make suggestions for code revisions with respect to ICFs.

Douglas will be discussing a recent study completed by BCIT of the performance of green roofs using ICF technology.

Pat Cymbala

The Amdeck Floor System

Pat is a NAIT graduate in Civil Engineering Technology and has over 35 years of experience in all aspects of residential and commercial construction.

Pat was instrumental in the development of the Advantage ICF and sold his interest to Plastifab. He then joined up with Amvic Systems as territory manager for western Canada.

Pat will be discussing the technical details of Amdeck, the flooring system developed by Amvic Systems.

Jakob Lepa

The Hambro Floor System

Jakob studied Civil & Structural Engineering at BCIT, followed by an MBA at Simon Fraser University. He has been involved in sales and business development since that time. 

Jakob has sold commercial and residential glazing, lifting devices and mechanical engineering products.

The highlight of his sales career was selling elevators to the Burj Dubai (the tallest building in the world).

Mark Gordon

The Comslab Floor System

Mark started his construction career in May 1986 at the time of Expo86 as a stucco lather where he learned all aspects of rain screen systems. In 2004 he made a career change by becoming a LSF (Lightweight Steel Frame) estimator and designer, eventually becoming the senior estimator where he remained for ten years, and was involved in many LSF projects throughout Canada.

He is now involved in business development with Bailey West in the LSF/Comslab division. His experience and knowledge of LSF and its applicability to suspended floors will be of great relevance in evaluating the different floor systems.

Lyle Hamilton

The Fortruss Floor System

Lyle has been the Vice President of Sales  for the Western Division of Logix Insulated Concrete Forms since 2002. Prior to that, he was the sales manager of Convoy Supply Ltd. in Edmonton Alberta.

Jim Freiberg

The Ecospan Floor System

Jim Freiberg is Nucor Vulcraft Group’s Mountain and North Central Salesperson for the Ecospan® Composite Floor System in the United States and the Salesperson for the Ecospan® Composite Floor System in Western
Canada. His office is located in Denver, Colorado. Jim has more than 30 years in the construction industry, working for major general contractors across the
United States. He has a BS Degree in Construction Management from Michigan State University.

After receiving his degree, Jim spent the first part of his career in the residential construction industry, where he worked on both single family and multi-family residential construction projects. Prior to joining Nucor, Jim
held the position of Director of Construction for Erickson Construction, LLC where he constructed a major portion of 1572 unit, senior living project, located in Denver, CO.

Conference Program

The conference ran from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, with two 30 minute coffee breaks and a one hour lunch break at noon. Food trucks were available, vegetarian, meat and regular. Attendees had the option of sitting in on listening to the different speakers or mingling with the exhibitors in the main foyer.

A paradigm shift?

Will ICF wall and floor systems become predominant in the future? We investigate, then ask you...
08:30 The $1,000 challenge question
08:45 Green construction & ICFs
09:10 The magic of concrete!
09:40 Rebar vs. Helix

Acceptance by Architects, Engineers and Code Officials

Acceptance of a paradigm-shifting product requires buy in by code and inspection authorities, architects and engineers. We investigate...
10:40 Architect acceptance
11:10 Engineering acceptance
11:15 Building code acceptance

Acceptance by BE Engineers, Contractors & Developers

Acceptance of all paradigm shifting products requires acceptance by cribbers, contractors, homeowners and developers...
13:00 Acceptance by BE engineers
13:25 Acceptance by cribbers
13:35 Acceptance by home owners
13:50 Acceptance by home builders
14:10 Acceptance by developers

Concrete suspended floor systems

Six manufacturers explain how their floor systems work. You decide on the best...
15:00 Overview of floor systems
15:05 Discussion of green roofs
15:25 Amdeck
15:35 Hambro
15:45 Insul-Deck
15:55 Comslab
15:45 Fortruss
16:15 Ecospan


The exposition and conference is located at the Metro Vancouver Annacis Research Centre (Note: Google Street View allows you to go inside the research centre), 1400 Lindsey Place, Delta, BC V3M 6V1.

The research centre was inspired from the beginning as a green building. Architect: the IBI Group; structural engineer: Bush, Bohlman & Partners; general contractor: Stuart Olson (previously Dominion Fairmile) and concrete supplier: Allied Ready Mix.
Metro Vancouver Annacis Research Centre
1400 Lindsey Place, Delta BC V3M 6V1


Seventeen exhibitors representing all phases of the industry: manufactures of ICF blocks, floor forming systems, hardware, building envelope membranes, local distributors and more.
This exposition was conceptualized, designed and produced by Fab-Form Industries Ltd.